Why choose printed laminated bags
August 7, 2015

Why Your Business Needs Our Bestselling Printed Bags

The Printed Bag Shop’s bestselling printed bags are printed punch handle plastic bags and patch handle bags. They’re so popular because they’re stylish, durable and can be customised for any occasion.

Whether you’re looking for bespoke carrier bags for your retail business or promotional bags for an event, you’ll wonder why you ever chose anything else.

Our Most Popular Printed Bags

Printed Punched Handle Bags

Printed punch handle bags are one of the world’s most popular plastic carrier bags because they are light, strong and comfortable to carry. They are perfect for many uses, including in retail stores, exhibitions and business events.

One of the reasons for their popularity is that these bags are highly customisable – with high quality print options available to create a stylish bag that really helps your brand make an impact.

Punched handle bags are available in 12 standard sizes, and can be printed on one side with up to 4 spot colours, or on two sides with 3 spot colours.

Printed punch handle carrier bags are strong by design. They are made from variguage polythene, which means they are thicker at the top than at the bottom, so their handles don’t break because of larger or heavier objects. They are available in thicknesses of 180/360g or 250/500g, so you can order the right carrier bags to suit your products.

Our punch handle printed bags are long lasting and a good choice for the environment. Because they are strong, your customers will be able to use and re-use them several times, avoiding the need for multiple bags.

When they are no longer needed, these bio polythene bags begin to degrade in sunlight, leaving a small environmental footprint.

Another great advantage of punch handle bags is that they are great value for money. 1000 bags (sized 15” x 8” x 3”, weight 180/360g, printed with your logo in one colour on both sides) cost only £99.

Patch Handle Printed Bags

Patch handle printed bags go one better than punch handle bags because they have a reinforced patch behind the handle. This means they are even stronger and durable than punch handle bags.

Made from straight gauge polythene, patch handle printed bags offer businesses even more options to customise their bags.

They are available in white, clear, frosted or coloured polythene, and vibrant designs can be printed using techniques from one colour to full colour, 100% coverage CMYK images that really help your business stand out from the crowd.

Just like punch handle bags, patch handle printed bags are available in 12 standard sizes and in a range of thicknesses ranging from 180g to 300g.

Comfortable and easy to carry, they are the perfect carrier bags for heavier products such as books, groceries or gifts. They’re also great for carrying promotional materials at business events and conferences.

One of the reasons why patch handle bags are so popular is that they are cost effective. 1000 white polythene bags (printed on both sides with one colour and 180g weight) cost as little as £93. That’s less than 10p a bag!

Printed punch handle and patch handle bags can really help to boost your business by showcasing your brand wherever they are seen. To speak to one of our lovely team about printed bags and which is best for you, contact us on sales@theprintedbagshop.co.uk or 0191 268 7555.