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November 6, 2014

3 ways printed bags can be used for more than just sales transactions


You may have guessed that, at The Printed Bag Shop, we love printed bags of every shape and size; however, we are aware that they are humble items that are often overlooked, despite how essential they are to every purchase your customers make.

So, to get all of you a little more inspired about printed bags, here’s 5 ways you could use printed bags that are about more than just a simple sales transaction:

  1. To launch a competition

Getting customers engaged in your brand is key, and one way to do that is launching a competition that gets them to create something which you can then share. Why not promote a new initiative where people can design their own printed bag for your company or for an upcoming event and send their entries in, and the chosen winner gets their creation printed across your actual company bags and a special prize too? Anything that allows your audience to become part of your story is a fantastic way to generate customer loyalty, and printed bags can become part of that.

  1. To give something away

Printed bags don’t have to just be put to use once your customer has bought something; you could also create bespoke printed bags solely for the purpose of giving something complimentary away to your customers. Whether you’re attending an event and want to give people something to remember you by, or you’re running a special promotion in a high street store, using a printed bag as a giveaway is a chance to really make an impact and get a little creative; our laminated bags are ideal for this!

  1. To promote your eco-friendly credentials

We know that printed bags, especially plastic ones, can sometimes face criticism because of overuse of them leading to potentially negative environmental implications; however, promoting the idea of sharing and reusing your brand’s carrier bags can be a great way to get people involved in your business, show how you are considerate of your impact on the environment and give you a chance to communicate with your customers through a one-off design. Why not create your very own ‘Bag for Life’; our printed cotton or jute bags would be perfect, and start rewarding your customers every time they bring the bag back into your store to reuse it?

Have we got you feeling excited about printed bags yet?

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