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November 4, 2014

The guide to printed retail bags


Printed bags are often the unsung hero of retail; thousands of them are provided for customers in high street stores across the UK every day, and they are an invaluable tool for helping your brand get seen by an exponential number of people.

There’s a whole host of different types of bags that would be suitable for retailers, depending on the products you sell and the target market that you’re selling to. To help give you an insight into which printed bags are best for you, we’ve picked out 3 of our products that are ideal for retailers:

Printed Laminated Bags

bags for retail

One of our most luxurious and bestselling products, laminated bags are a fantastic way of gaining brand exposure as well as giving an exclusive, high end feel to you store. With full colour printing available and a range of added extras, handing your customers their purchase in a printed laminated bag will really make them feel special and provide them with something they can use again and again. The best part? Laminated bags are available in orders of a minimum quantity of 100, meaning whether you’re a nationwide department store or an independent boutique, these bags can work for you.

Twisted Handle Paper Bags

Twisted handle printed paper bags

Fast becoming a high street favourite due to their strength, durability and eco-friendly credentials, twisted handle paper bags are a great printed bag to give to your customers, whatever your store specialises in. These bags are also extremely reusable, meaning your brand can be seen over and over again. And, if you need your twisted handle bags to arrive in a hurry for the Christmas rush, we also offer a fast track service on them!

Plastic Punched Handle Bags

printed plastic bags

A popular printed bag across a range of sectors, and a staple for retailers, printed punched handle bags are one of the most recognisable bags from the high street. With the ability to print your design in up to 4 colours, the design possibilities are endless, and we can assist with your artwork to ensure you maximise the impact that your printed bags have on every customer during the festive season.

We know that the Christmas period is retail’s biggest of the year, and we want to help; if you still haven’t ordered your printed bags for the festive season, get in touch. Contact us on 0191 268 7555 or email, and we can ensure you receive your perfect printed bags when you need them.

Happy shopping!

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