laminated bags
December 15, 2014

Why your business needs laminated bags


When it comes to a successful business, the devil really is in the detail. For us here at The Printed Bag Shop, we believe the printed bag design you opt for is a crucial element when it comes to how you’re perceived by potential customers, and we’ve got just the type of bag you’ll need to get your business booming, and your sales thriving.

When it comes to laminated bags at The Printed Bag Shop, we’ve got two options; allow us to enlighten you on which one would be best suited to your company and why…

Laminated Paper Bags

Sitting at the height of luxury packaging, expect to spot this printed bag in upmarket fashion boutiques, high end retail stores and at prestigious conferences, events and exhibitions. If your business is in any of the above sectors, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to consider the laminated bag as an impressive choice for your customers and clients. This bag reinforces the luxury contents within, and is a stylish bag to be seen carrying around, leaving a lasting impression on your customers as well as really making them feel special.

Boasting an array of advantages to suit your business needs, this printed bag is elegant, strong, completely customisable and manufactured from scratch to really knuckle down your precise specifications, including everything from size and colour, to the type of handle you’d like. You can choose from a variety of different handle types – polypropylene rope, cotton rope, ribbon or die cut. We also offer a full range of attractive add-ons to really enhance your printed bag design; whether it’s foil blocking, spot UV or any other request you’ve got to really make your bag stand out from the crowd, we’ve got it covered.

Printed Laminated Woven Bags

The printed laminated woven bag is the ultimate choice if you’re a business or organisation holding a special event or conference, where there’ll be a lot of merchandise for the customer or client to take away with them. This is because this type of bag is strong, stylish and fantastic for durability, and if they’re passionate about doing their part for the planet, this bag is recyclable, meaning they can use it again and again for whatever they may need.

The laminated woven bags are a great choice for businesses because they’re also really cost-effective, and boast a handy waterproof laminated gloss or matte finish, meaning they can take on quite literally anything you throw at them, ensuring the contents are protected within.

Will you be opting for laminated bags to help your business grow? We’re the UK’s premier supplier of printed bags, so please get in touch with our helpdesk on 0191 2687555 if you have any queries, we always ensure we do our best to help!