Christmas bag ideas for online retailers
December 8, 2014

5 ways we can help online retailers this Christmas


If you’re an online retailer looking for a little festive inspo’ and cracking creative ideas to wow your customers this Christmas, we’re on hand to help. We’ve got a wide range of different types of bags for all your retail needs this December, as well as a whole host of packaging, handles, ribbons and all the other trimmings that go into the concoction of a great printed bag to ensure you make the most out of them this winter.

Choosing the right type of exterior packaging for your customers

When it comes to online retail, the way your products reach your customers, and we mean ‘physically’ reach them, is so important. You want to ensure the products concealed within are completely protected in transit. With it being Christmas time, your customers will potentially be ordering larger, heavier gifts, which require much stronger, practical packaging. Our mailing bags here at The Printed Bag Shop are perfect for this. Lightweight, durable and available in a range of different sizes and designs, our mailing bags are also supplied with a hot melt glue seal, guaranteeing product protection and security.

Branded Plastic Bags

Put an extra stamp on your packaging with our printed tape

A clever and really simple way of getting more people noticing your brand is to use printed packaging tape; not only will your final recipient see it when they receive the parcel or box, but whomever comes into contact with it will too! Think of all the boring, brown boxes that will be delivered around the world at this time of year – why not make yours stand out? At such a crucial time of year when you’re looking to hit record-breaking sales, it’d be rude not to add such a smart, easy touch. All of our rolls of printed tape are 66 metres long, and are available in a variety of different widths and three colours.printed tape


Treat your customers with a complementary goodie bag

If your customer has been particularly loyal and keeps on returning to your site to purchase, why not reward them with complementary vouchers or samples of other products? You’re going to need some sort of packaging to keep them safe and concealed in, and we’d suggest choosing a bag that they’ll also be able to use again and again to make even more of a lasting impression. We’d recommend our cotton or canvas bags, as they’re eco-friendly, tough and long-lasting, and can be printed with any type of design.

Printed canvas bag


Add an extra special touch with tissue paper

When you receive a gift, if it’s not wrapped up in Christmas paper, it will most likely be in a gift bag quilted with tissue paper. Why not incorporate this more personal touch into each of the products you send out to people this Christmas, and include a festive flash of red, gold or green within your packaging to give the product more of a ‘gift’ feel when your customer receives it? Cost effective and extremely environmentally-friendly, tissue paper is a great way to easily enhance your online products and services.

Printed tissue paper


Dress it all up with a big red bow!

Another way we can help online retailers when it comes to all the little, design extras is with our collection of attractive add-ons. This can range from a big red ribbon wrapped around the customer’s package to give it that extra special seasonal feel, to anything from foil blocking and spot UV and elegant and quirky embossing designs.

Are you an online retailer looking for more tips on how to make a lasting impression on your customers this Christmas? Give us a call on 0191 268 7555, or email to discuss more. We’re always happy to help!