Festive Bags
December 1, 2014

3 of the best festive bags

Festive Bags

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas here at The Printed Bag Shop, and oh, do we know how to sprinkle your business with a little festive cheer when it comes to printed bags! Whether you specialise in events, retail or even just fancy creating a little something out of the ordinary for your customers this December, we’ve got just the festive bags for you.

Check out 3 of the best festive printed bags for your business below:

Laminated Paper Bags

Now, with all the Christmas shopping your customers are going to be doing over the next couple of weeks, you’re going to need a sturdy yet stylish printed bag to ensure all the wonderful gifts they’ve just purchased remain safe and intact when they leave your store. That’s where the humble laminated paper bag comes in. One of our bestselling designs thanks to their elegant, strong and fully customisable function, the laminated paper bag can be printed with up to 100% coverage of both the inside and the outside of the surface area, meaning you could have your seasonal artwork covering every inch of your bag if you really wanted to! To tie off the festive look, choose a ruby red ribbon as your handle – the perfect material to complement a laminated paper bag.

Twisted Handle Paper Bags

If you’re looking for a unique bag to present your smaller gifts in for your loved ones this Christmas, the twisted handle paper bags are simply perfect. High quality, eco-friendly, strong and recyclable, these bags can be printed with anything from one spot colour, through to full colour. As it’s the festive season, you could opt for red and green (although, they shouldn’t really be seen together…as the saying goes!) You could even go for a rustic, vintage-style twisted handle paper bag for your gifts for a more traditional look and use our printed tissue to keep all those presents concealed from nosey eyes! Finish off the look with some festive ribbon or fabric tied in a big, fancy bow, and you’re good to go.

Fabric Jute Bags

For all those larger, heavier presents this Christmas, the Fabric Jute Bag will certainly come in handy. A natural material that’s grown in Bengal, India, Jute is one of the strongest natural fibres, making it a great bag to place bigger and bulkier gifts in. What’s more, the Jute Bag can be used again and again. You could decide to save it until the following December for next year’s gifts, or use as a ‘must-have’ bag for heavier belongings and everyday essentials.

So what do you think? Will you be opting for any of our festive printed bag ideas this Christmas? Don’t forget, you can tweet us at @printedbagshop.

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