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July 15, 2020

Can You Wash Reusable Shopping Bags?


Over the past few months, we have had many questions about how to clean reusable grocery bags, and whether our custom printed fabric bags require any specialist cleaning instructions. We thought it would be helpful to put together a post with the washing instructions for the different materials of reusable shopping bags that we sell.

We will also be happy to give you specific directions for your order, as the different printing processes we use to make your bags look their best may affect their care instructions – for example, if your bag is created with transfer printing, we don’t recommend ironing them as the heat can spoil the design.


Washing Reusable Bags by Material Type


Printed Cotton Bags

We would recommend that printed cotton bags and printed tote bags are hand-washed wherever possible, using cool water and a gentle detergent. This will help to prolong the life of the bag and ensure the printed logo stays as vibrant as possible. However, if they are heavily soiled, putting them in the washing machine every so often won’t do any harm – just ensure that you recommend a cool wash, such as a cottons or delicates cycle, and using a gentle detergent, and turn them inside out before washing.


Printed Canvas Bags

As canvas bags are designed to put up with heavy loads of washing, they don’t need to be washed as carefully as their thinner counterparts. We recommend turning them inside out to keep the printed logo vibrant. This type of bag can also withstand being washed in hot water, which makes it much easier to kill bacteria and potential E-coli if they’re likely to be used for carrying raw produce and meats. Canvas can also be prone to shrinking in the tumble dryer, so we recommend laying them out to dry naturally.


Printed Jute Bags

Our jute bags are a fantastic eco-friendly option, but unfortunately this natural, plant-based material doesn’t get along very well with water, which can make it prone to breakages and shedding. If jute bags become stained, you can soak them for no more than five minutes in a basin of cool water with a small amount of detergent – liquid is preferable to powders – then rinse in clean water. Do not twist or wring the cloth, as this could damage it. You should then leave it to dry naturally, preferably in fresh air outdoors.


Printed Duffle Bags

Our duffle bags are made using nylon material which is a fantastic choice for printed bags because it is a strong, durable material which can be reused time and time again and allows your branding and logos to really stand out. Turn them inside out before washing to keep them vibrant. Nylon is prone to degradation from acids and sunlight, so we recommend avoiding harsh chemicals when cleaning and drying your nylon bags away from direct sunlight – but don’t put them in the tumble dryer as this could weaken the material.


How to Clean Reusable Shopping Bags Confidently


We use the latest printing techniques and high quality inks to minimise colour running and fading, but we can’t guarantee it with every possible combination fabric, printing technique and colour options available to you, so we do recommend a test wash in cool water, either by itself or with like colours, to test colourfastness. If you have any other questions about washing our bags, or would like to place an order, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.