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April 6, 2020

Top Eco-Friendly Bags To Use In 2020

What better way to showcase your brand, communicate your key messages and increase brand awareness, than with eco-friendly and recyclable bags? Not only are they convenient for the shopper and beneficial for the environment, but they will continue to promote your brand in a positive light as the bag is used time and time again.


Today, customers are increasing the demand for eco-friendly and natural products to be used, as the world becomes more aware of the damage that single-use products can do to our environment. Therefore, in order to do your part for the planet and meet the demand of your customers, it’s important that you implement eco-friendly bags into your marketing campaign.


So, what are the top 5 eco-friendly and reusable bags that are ideal for businesses to utilise in 2020?


Luxury Kraft Bags


For boutiques and high end retailers, luxury kraft bags with cotton ropes are the ideal recyclable solution to promote your brand. Not only are they sophisticated and have a pleasing aesthetic, but they’re bold and sturdy, so can be used more than once. The premium quality of the bag is fully customisable, allowing businesses to maintain brand consistency throughout their marketing, across their website and into their physical shops. These stylish kraft bags are perfect for beauty, fashion and health and lifestyle brands, due to their sleek finish and design.


Flat Handle Bags


Easy to carry and transport, flat handle bags are typically used by takeaway companies and restaurants. Offering a wide range of printing options, the logo, contact details and tagline of a business can be added with ease onto a blank background.


These versatile bags can be used in bakeries, chemists, sandwich bars and even veterinary surgeries, as they’re reliable and sturdy. Their low cost means that businesses can buy them in bulk and store them, or use them if there is high demand. Like the luxury kraft bag, flat handle bags can be recycled, even though they come in a variety of different colours.


The flat handle on the bag makes it more comfortable to carry, so you can use less packaging when customers and delivery drivers transport food. These bio-degradable bags enable businesses to expand their market share with ease.


Printed Paper Mailing Bags


100% recyclable printed paper mailing bags are more than just eco-friendly, they’re an essential promotional accessory for companies posting products to their clients. Packaging such as mailing bags are important for maintaining brand consistency, as it shows that your brand is professional with a strong identity. Therefore, it’s vital that the colour scheme is the same across the website, packaging and anywhere businesses wish to showcase their brand.


Along with branded packaging tape, you can build a strong brand identity with your customers. A unique and limited design on your mailing bags in line with seasonal marketing campaigns will engage customers and encourage them to buy more!


Twisted Handle Bags


Used by leading retail brands, such as Primark, twisted handle bags can be completely customised to match your branding. As they’re eco-friendly, by having your logo and business details on these bags, this puts you in a positive light; using these bags will show that you’re caring for the environment.


Twisted handle bags are versatile and can be utilised in both the retail and food industries. The design of the handle is easy to carry and the material of the bags are durable to withstand different products. The easy-to-fold bags enable businesses to store them when they’re not being used if they don’t have lots of storage space.


Printed Paper Sandwich Bags


Causing minimal damage to the environment, printed paper sandwich bags are a hygienic option for sandwich shops, takeaways and restaurants. The durable and robust bags are perfect for a variety of different types of food, including pastries and pizza. In turn, this means that the food inside can be kept safer inside for the individual to eat.


Adding brand details onto the sandwich bags is as easy as kraft and paper mailing bags, so small and large catering companies can grow their business as their logo is seen by more and more customers. As previously mentioned, printed paper sandwich bags can be utilised to maintain brand consistency and strengthen a marketing campaign.


These top eco-friendly bags can be used by multiple industries to increase their brand awareness and reach a wider audience. With an extensive list of colours to choose from, it’s easier than ever to create a strong brand identity against competitors. If you would like more information about the recyclable printed bags or to get a quote for bags for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at The Printed Bags, today.