Canvas vs Cotton
March 2, 2020

Canvas Bags Vs Cotton Bags: What’s The Difference?

As a business, we think it’s great if you’re considering incorporating any kind of printed fabric bag into your marketing campaign to help customers and boost visibility. They’re a great, long lasting packaging option, but a lot of our customers come to us wondering about canvas bags vs cotton bags, the difference between these two materials, and which one is best for your business. We’ve put a guide together to help you make the final decision:

Canvas Bags

Canvas is actually a type of cotton – it’s popular because it’s great value for money and is a high quality foundation for printing on. The printed canvas bags that we supply are made from completely natural materials, too. This means that they can help you promote a high-quality and eco friendly image for your brand, whatever industry you work in!

Canvas bags are extremely comfortable for customers to use. Canvas and printed tote bags have a high value when it comes to marketing because customers are likely to re-use and re-promote your business again and again. This means that their reach and the potential ROI is fantastic. However, in order to harness their real potential, you’ll need to think about what your customers are likely to use them for and match the customisation options to meet their needs. For example, if they are likely to be using the bag for the supermarket, shorter handles might be better, but unfortunately, this is not an option for canvas bags like it is with cotton alternatives. Canvas bags are durable as they come with a reinforced gusset as standard.

There are fewer customisation options for canvas bags, but this doesn’t affect their popularity. As you will be able to see from browsing our website, popular printed tote and fabric bags are typically just one or two colours and a simple, bold and effective design to show off a brand. This includes the natural-coloured background which is the go-to choice for establishing an eco-friendly brand image. If you are looking to match the colour of your bag to suit your brand, you might be better off with a printed cotton bag.

Cotton Bags

Although canvas bags are great value for money, one of the biggest differences for businesses between them and their cotton counterparts is the cost. Cotton bags are much cheaper to print and manufacture. This means they might be better suited to a small business working with minimal marketing budget or to be produced in bulk for a giveaway or competition!

As we’ve already mentioned, cotton bags also come with an option to choose the length of your handles. Bigger bags are often better suited to small handles. This is because bulkier items are more likely to be carried low. Anticipating how your customer will use your bags will ensure you can maximise your exposure just as much as a fantastic, effective design!

These bags are particularly popular in the retail sector, but they are incredibly versatile. They add so much value to your business which is becoming increasingly important for businesses who are looking to thrive and progress onto the next stage.

Canvas Bags Vs Cotton Bags

Comes with a gusset as standardGussets available at additional request
Thicker material – 8oz canvasThinner material – 5oz cotton
Available in 6 coloursAvailable in 50 colours
Standard handle length onlyChoice between long and short handles
More expensive cost per bagCheaper cost per bag


Similarities Between Canvas and Cotton Bags

Here at The Printed Bag Shop we supply both canvas and cotton bags. Both options are printed in Britain with a fast track delivery option meaning you could get your order in just 2 – 3 days. Both materials are suitable for high-quality printing options, including off screen printing. This means they are a fantastic bag for businesses that want to feature complex artwork and designs with lots of colours!

We hope this guide has helped, but if you are still a bit confused about the similarities and differences, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, today!