Fair Trade Logo On Banana
May 8, 2019

Celebrate National FairTrade Day

11th May 2019 marks National FairTrade Day. Since its creation over 10 years ago in 2004 by the World Fair Trade Organisation, National FairTrade Day has been a day of celebration. The FairTrade was started with the aim of helping developing countries to improve their trading conditions. It works to create better lives for those who grow the products we all adore. The mission of the FairTrade foundation is simple; encourage better trading conditions, help to combat poverty and assist workers and farmers by connecting them with consumers.

As you can see, National FairTrade Day is incredibly important, which is why we have taken a closer look at FairTrade, below.

The History Of National FairTrade Day

Established in 1989, the World Fair Trade Organisation, otherwise known as WFTO, has flourished and is now made up of 324 organisations and more than 70 countries. Every year, the National FairTrade Day takes place on the second Saturday of May. FairTrade Day is celebrated globally, with each country putting on their own unique FairTrade Day event.

With over 4,500 different FairTrade products, you can buy FairTrade food and products easier than you may have thought. In addition to the common FairTrade products, such as chocolate, cotton and coffee, you may be surprised to hear that baby food and sports balls are also available to purchase ethically!

The FairTrade Logo

The FairTrade logo is prominent and well-known globally. Due its simple yet memorable design, it is eye-catching and is very recognisable. There are several FairTrade brands that use this badge, so it is imperative to stand out; these features are what make a logo effective, the bold, contrasting colours make it easy to spot, whilst the detailing imitates the WFTO’s fantastic message and mission. When you are developing or re-creating your own business logo, it is a good idea to remember the fantastic example that the World Fair Trade Organisation are setting.

The most renowned logo is the one with the yellow and blue shapes on a black back drop. In order for businesses to be able to utilise this FairTrade mark, which is a registered certification from the FairTrade labelling organisation, they must meet the international Fairtrade standards. Only entire businesses can be certified, not individual products, and the logo can only be added to any of its products once it has been certified. You may be wondering what exactly the logo is. Well, there are multiple theories as to what the logo is, including the Yin and Yang symbol, a parrot, leaf, fish or even a person with one arm raised. What do you see?

FairTrade USA, International FairTrade Association, FairTrade Federation, World FairTrade Organisation and the British Association for FairTrade Shops and Suppliers all have their own unique logos, all of which clearly state what they are through the wording and design on the logo.

What Can Your Business Do?

As a business, if you can show your customers that you are supporters of FairTrade, by becoming a FairTrade certified company and putting the logo on your products, you can boost your sales. Many people want to support FairTrade and shop more ethically, so are likely to buy products from your business.

Additionally, by using organic packaging, including sacks and reusable materials, you are promoting your business in an eco-friendly way!

So, celebrate National FairTrade Day on 11th May 2019 and help to promote the movement which is helping developing countries around the world. To find out more information about the most ideal packaging you can use, or to learn more about our services, get in touch with our team, today.