Pink Acne Studios Packaging
May 13, 2019

Case Study: Acne Studio Packaging, Make Your Brand Look Luxurious


Getting your packaging and branding right is vital for the success of your marketing campaign, as well as ensuring that your theme is consistent throughout your branding. Acne Studio’s products are luxurious and high end, and that’s reflected in their brand and packaging, as well as their pricing and quality of the products.

The Packaging Design

Despite the saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’, when it comes to your packaging, the ‘cover’ says it all.

If you want your customers to have an idea as to what the quality of the product inside the packaging, you need to indicate that through the quality of your packaging. Acne Studios are a perfect example of this, with their iconic pink bags with white text creating a ‘more is less’ and ‘simple and classic’ brand aesthetic. You can achieve this look for your own brand with clever use of colours, textures, and, if you choose to emulate Acne by ordering laminated paper bags, a range of customisation options (such as hot foil, embossing or spot UV)..

Think About The Language Used

You should have a think about the language you want to associate with your brand. For example, if your brand has originated in a different county, you could showcase that by using the language for your branding.

Additionally, the language you use can create different connotations. For example, Starbucks use Italian, which enables customers to be transported away from their usual life and put them in an Italian coffee shop for a few minutes. There are some languages that are more sophisticated than others, which you can use to make your brand look more luxurious, as long as it’s authentic and fitting with your brand’s story.

For Acne Studios, it’s all about the visual, and the lack of language; little written content is used on their site, emphasising their ‘less is more’ approach. The ‘insta-aesthetic’ and ultra Pinterest-able look is what has elevated their brand to be so highly desirable, and every element of the brand that customer sees aligns with this too.

You Need A Professional Photographer

Acne Pink Packaging

The imagery of your products and your brand create a first impression for your clients, making it vital that you use a good photo captured by a professional photographer for your brand to appear luxurious. There are many factors taken into consideration in order to create the best image possible, including lighting, angle and background.

Acne Studios have used bright colours on white backdrops with some bold-coloured objects in the background for their product photographs. However, what has excelled their brand is the imagery that circulates on social media of millennial pink paper bags and boxes with simplistic, recognisable font. These images are particularly popular due to the choice of colours of the printed bags; as an extremely popular colour for Acne Studio’s audience, the luxurious, simplistic aesthetic is plastered over social media and increases brand awareness, without complicated or busy branding.

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If you would like more information about how you can make your brand look luxurious with a modern twist, or in the traditional way, get in touch with a member of our team.