Crowd at a concert
May 20, 2019

Festival Season: Why Pop-Ups Prefer Printed Bags


The festival season; an exhilarating, exciting and messy time of year. With the big festival season almost upon us, festival goers are probably already planning what they are going to wear, whilst pop-ups are thinking about their stand, their stock and how they are going to increase brand awareness during the festivals. From printed bags to banners, everything is being designed in order to get recognition whilst music lovers listen to their favourite artists and bands.

But, why do pop-ups prefer printed bags and why do they use them? We’ve taken a closer look below to find out more.

You Can Add QR Codes To Them

Despite there not being anywhere to charge a phone at a festival, festival fanatics still manage to make the most out of every last drop of their battery charge. Whether it’s a portable charger or they run back to their friend’s car to gain 5% of battery to record their favourite song, they will manage to do it!

Therefore, you should take this opportunity to implement your marketing strategy. By adding QR codes to your printed bags, it can be scanned by a phone and take the festival fan to your website. From here you could offer an exclusive discount code, but it’s important that you know your audience if you want to appeal to them. Therefore, ensure that you do some market research about your target audience, so you can get your marketing campaign exactly right.

They Can Be Re-Used

As previously mentioned, if you do your market research right then your marketing strategy is more likely to work. Therefore, produce a bag that has an appealing design that users will want to reuse again and again. This will benefit your company in a number of ways; not only will you be associated with being an eco—friendly company, but your logo will continue to be shown off wherever the bag goes!

Everyone Loves Branded Freebies!

If you plan it right, you can hand out printed bags with your company’s brand on and even get pictures of festival goers with their new bags outside of your pop-up. From here these pictures can be uploaded to different social media platforms and even get a hashtag trending across the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Include branded freebies inside the bag that will be beneficial to those at the festival – really think about what festival-goers need. Could you offer a branded bottle of water? A snack pack to keep them going? Or even a pack of tissues, wipes or hand sanitiser with your logo on? If you give away something genuinely useful, before long, you will find that the word has got out about your brand and you’ll have queues of people at your pop-up – result!

They Increase Brand Awareness

If you use the right material for your printed bag, such as tote or canvas, then your customers are more likely to want to reuse it and it will last longer. By not being thrown away as soon, the bag itself will be able to increase brand awareness, wherever it is used. That means that the design on the bag must be true to the values of the company, grab the attention of new customers and include everything you would want customers to know when they first glance at the bag and your brand. At a festival, these bags will be seen by thousands of people as your customers walk around, so it’s important that the design is perfect!

Plus, if your design is cool enough, the crowds might even keep them and take them home as a memento of their festival experience – so think, how can you tailor your brand or create something completely original for this event?

As you can see, printed bags are ideal for pop-ups, which is why we completely understand why they are so popular during the festival season. For more information about printed bags, get in touch with our team, today.