Festive Paper Bag Design
November 25, 2019

Christmas Fonts For 2019

Although Christmas isn’t quite around the corner, it is fast approaching. Halloween is over and you and your business could be looking to your next seasonal campaign and how to make the most out of it. Limited edition or seasonal printed bags, promotional adverts and even gift product packaging could all get a little sprinkle of Christmas cheer with some clever designs.

In 2016, consumers spent over £41 billion in stores and shops over the Christmas period. Making sure your packaging, window displays, and branded items can invite customers in to visit and spend in your stores. One of the concerns for those looking to get involved in Christmas campaigns is that they want to maintain a stylish aesthetic that isn’t garish or overwhelming. It’s important that your festive branding still looks like your brand. Festive fonts can help your products and printed packaging promote Christmas spirit without altering brand colours or aesthetics too much. They could also help your conversions whilst being designed in a way that emphasises the sophistication, warmth, luxuriousness or innovation of your band. Keep reading to find the perfect festive font for you:
















Image: canva.com.

This lovely font is elegant, with it’s thin, light lettering, but is adorned with sprigs of holly on the stems, arms and legs of the lettering. This small, but effective extra transforms the text whilst still maintaining the simplistic and elegance of the design. The font is quite feminine and would be perfect for clothing, beauty or fragrance retailers. Alternatively, it could be used for experience brands or gift vouchers for saloons and leisure providers.

The spacing between the letters ensure that the font is readable, despite the holly. To keep things cool and classy, use this font on luxury laminated printed bags in a dark or neutral colours, or perhaps in spot UV printing to help it shine and catch the eye of passers-by.

















Image: canva.com

This is a unique italicised font. You can see that the lettering is joined up and features crude or rough lines, that mimics a hand written font. The combination of the rough lines, but the beautiful, curlicue lettering is unconventional but is effective as it is emotive, eliciting nostalgic feelings of handwritten letters or Christmas cards sent with love. The handwritten aspect is quite traditional, and the warming effect invoked by this festive font could be perfect for an artisan brand, restaurant, food business or rustic crafts business.





Image: templatemonster.com

Another, lovely and simplistic design for a festive font, Christmas Lights is a charming and timeless way to transform your branding.  Although this font might seem slightly larger than the others featured here, it is also quite self-contained. The design can be used to draw attention to your primary message – whether you decide you want that to be your brand name, a festive greeting or a promotion – and placed front and centre, or it can be used as a border or headers for your posters. It’s a versatile font, as it is quite fun and whimsical on its own, but when used in conjunction with other sophisticated fonts, it could also be used for professional services, luxury brands and so much more! We also think this would make a fantastic idea for printed packaging tape or as a sticker.

You don’t have to pick a festive font that’s standard for your industry, why not shake it up and stand out – go bold, go classic, go fresh and funky – there’s so many options and we love out the box thinking. Fonts help convey your brand message effectively and are a cost-effective way to change up your designs. Here at The Printed Bag Shop, we can help you come up with an idea that suits your brand and will be able to advise on the best products and work with your ideas to ensure they perfect for your Christmas customers!


It’s not too late to get your festive font on one of our printed bags; you can check out all the deadlines for order dates, here!