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August 9, 2019

Popular Handwritten Fonts Of 2019


Fonts and type faces are as much a science as they are an art. They have the ability to elicit or translate emotions, even if we aren’t aware of it. More importantly, font choices can affect the success of the content that is designed to convey your business message to the world. This is because we subconsciously appoint associations with certain fonts. These associations can be a medium, such as a newspaper, that recognisably uses a style of font, or a time in history. The latter usually occurs when a retro font is revived, for example courier fonts or the groovy bubble lettering we discussed in our recent font trends blog post. It’s also important to understand what fonts are easiest to consume and thus most likely to keep a customer’s interest.

A study by the next web shows that factors such as font size, line length and the spacing between letters and words can all impact the readability of your content.

The Printed Bag Shop are now looking at the handwritten typefaces that are proving to be the best fonts of 2019 and just what is making them so successful, even if they break the rules:

  1. Chillout


This handwritten font is already extremely popular and in the running to be one of the best fonts of 2019. Although an italic font, the text is still bold and looks fun! The curlicues and bubble-style appear very casual and would be really well suited for brands trying to promote chill-vibes or a summery aesthetic.

Chillout does not have spaces between letters and the type just seems to flow into the next letter. This is a really great design for a brand name or slogan (especially if it is only one word or a small phrase) but might not be so appealing for large bodies of content. This is because the reader has to work harder to process the font when it has smaller gaps between letters – but it does look awesome as a catchphrase or brand name splashed over printed canvas bags! We also think it’s perfect for limited edition summertime promotions!

  1. Salmela


Salmela is quickly becoming one of the most recognisable fonts across fashion and beauty brands, blogs, artwork and greeting cards. This hand lettering both looks extremely elegant and fun, perfect for a luxury branding or wedding invitations. Salmela was designed with a dynamic flow and a nod to calligraphy typefaces of the past. This means the designers were careful to maintain a good space between letters and ensure the stem of the font (the vertical strokes) match the boldness of the styles, making it very easy for readers to interpret into a message.

  1. Billy Ohio

Billy Ohio

This handwritten font features a fantastic brushstroke effect with fun flicks (known as legs or loops, depending on the character). This typeface has a rustic aesthetic, promoting a hand-made and natural effect. It instantly makes us think of travelling, blogs or homemade food and recipe books. The flicks look energetic and convey something fun and adventurous. This font is really versatile and that could be what is making it really popular. The characters connect well and are still really easy to read.

This is one of the best fonts of 2019 for sport or active brands, travelling companies or blogs and even food brands. It really suits the food-truck/street-food trend and would look fantastic on branded sandwich bags or printed paper takeaway bags.