Christmas theme with paper bags
November 1, 2021

Design Inspiration for Your Christmas Carrier Bags 2021

With the festive season quickly approaching, there’s no better time to get prepared with your Christmas carrier bags before it’s too late. December is a huge time of year for shoppers, with everyone getting into the festive spirit and searching for Christmas gifts, sweet treats and sparkly decorations, so get involved and spread some cheer.

This time of year is a great opportunity for your business, so make the most of it by establishing a powerful strategy, reaching the busy shoppers and getting your name out there. Your printed bags can have a big impact on your business success, being a great promotional tool as shoppers in the local area spot your brand name and know that you are located nearby. Whether you opt for fun and festive printed paper bags as your Christmas carrier bags or design reusable printed cotton bags, we’ve pulled together some design inspiration to help you along the way.

A touch of winter

For many brands, bright and bold Christmas carrier bags do not align with their brand image. Instead of going all out with the festivities, opting for a sleek and minimalistic winter design is a great option for more premium or corporate brands. Including additional embellishments such as hot foiling for a luxury metallic finish is an effective way to reach a more high-end market, ideal for special gifts and premium treats.

The reusable approach

We have seen some great examples of brands using their Christmas carrier bags as an opportunity to provide customers with a bag that can double up as a gift bag. By creating a more premium paper bag with rope or ribbon handles, utilising a festive design with minimal branding can provide great value to recipients, encouraging them to give their gift in its original packaging. As well as being an effective promotional tool for your business, creating reusable Christmas carrier bags is a great for environmental impact.

Promote your brand

The festive season is known for grabbing a bargain and heading to the post-Christmas sales. With shoppers going out of their way to look for a great deal, make it easier than ever by promoting your sales. Shout about your upcoming sale or great deals on your Christmas carrier bags, making them as attention-grabbing and bold as possible so passers-by know exactly where to find you.

Free gifts

Christmas is the season of giving, so why not adapt this into your seasonal strategy? Promote a free gift inside each Christmas carrier bag, encouraging shoppers to make a purchase to get their hands on some extra goodies. Whether it be some sample sized products, some edible treats or even some coupons for future purchases, offer some additional value to your customers and encourage them to head in to shop.

If you are ready to bring your ideas for Christmas carrier bags to life, we’re the right team for the job. With advanced printing capabilities and endless imagination, get in touch to discuss how we can help you stand out from the rest this Christmas.