Red paper bag
September 6, 2019


Monochrome is a fantastic way to create stand out designs and merchandise. As a current favourite trend, so many businesses are contemplating updating their branding with this high impact, super cool design trend. In a recent post about colour connotations and the important of picking a suitable colour scheme for your brand, we discussed that monochrome is most frequently used for up market or luxury brands, but we also pointed out the versatility of the colour scheme and the enduring aesthetic it creates. Here at the Printed Bag Shop, we’re looking at what else it brings to your brand, other than just timeless good looks!

Remember, monochrome doesn’t simply have to mean black and white. Though that is a type of monochrome, it’s just one colour. Monochrome simply means using different tints and shades of the same colour.



Layering the same colour, whether that’s the timeless black and white combination or different blues, for example, achieves a subtle but effective design.


Blue Monochrome Subtle Standout Design


This blue monochrome branding design suits the technology-based business model, which provide mobile phone solutions, sells accessories and provides support to customers in comfortable spaces. To set themselves apart form the individual stalls and one-off shops that often provide this service, it was important that Telemobisie set out a trustworthy, reliable and recognisable brand image.

The layering of the blues maintains impressive clarity and is still easy to read, ideal for a company that provides technical solutions. Companies should be careful to choose colours within the same spectrum that still have a good contrast for readability. Before committing to branding, businesses should consult professional designers to ensure all items are readable, from printed canvas bags to business cards, to printed packaging and storefront signs.

Blue is a perfect choice for a technology company; utilising monochrome blues means Telemobisie can really emphasise and promote the connotations of this one colour. For example, companies that are eco-centric often use monochrome greens to ultra-promote their environmental ethics and standpoints.



Whilst utilising a single colour does make business more visually recognisable, as with the Telemobisie design, it’s important to ensure your customers can always read and understand your brand name! Monochrome designs can be high contrast for high impact. This will ensure your message is always readable and you can make a statement, without tearing away from the business message.



Picking a monochrome design means the whole colour spectrum is out there to play with. This means your branding is timeless, and prime for year-round recognition and promotion, and it’s also cost-effective and easy to implement seasonal and limited-edition variations.

If you establish a brand image using a monochrome colour, it is then extremely noticeable when you add something new for a promotion or sale. Of course, you wouldn’t change the bigger aspects of your branding, such as your monochrome storefront signs, but this is perfect for printed paper bags, menus, window displays and even printed mailing bags if you are an online retailer. Elvive




Brands can use monochrome to suit them, however that might be! An alternative way to use monochrome is to use it to differentiate products, dedicating one colour to one product. For example, L’oreal’s Elvive hair care range is branded by their colours.

Each colour identifies a product and a hair type. This makes the products noticeable and easy to spot, easing the customers purchasing journey. L’oreal even ran a whole advertisement campaign based on the colours, featuring people who used ‘the red one’ or ‘the purple one’, showcasing just how effective monochrome colours can be for identifying products.

For more information or to create a monochrome design for your printed merchandise, or for some cost-effective promotional or seasonal variations (Halloween is just around the corner), get in touch with the team at the Printed Bag Shop, today!