Printed flat handle bags
July 22, 2014

Product Profile: Flat Handle Paper Takeaway Bags


Our quality printed flat handle paper bags are often primarily associated with carrying home your Chinese takeaway on a Friday night, but there are many more uses for these eye-catching bags than you think! These versatile printed paper bags are also commonly used by food companies like bakers and sandwich bars, but are also becoming increasingly popular with businesses you might not expect like chemists, veterinary practices, solicitors and recruitment companies, who are starting to see the advantages of printed paper bags as an effective marketing and promotional tool.

The main benefit to choosing flat handle paper takeaway bags? The incredibly low cost.

One of our best products in terms of value for money, our flat handle takeaway bags are also extremely environmentally and ethically friendly; they are manufactured entirely in the UK and are designed to be fully biodegradable to minimise their impact on our planet. Printed paper bags are also a simple but successful way to promote your business: we can provide single and full colour printing processes for your flat handle takeaway bags, meaning you can have anything from a simple logo to a photographic image printed onto the entire surface of the bag to raise brand awareness and catch the eye of a potential customer!

What could flat handle takeaway bags do for your business?

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