printed mailing bags
August 27, 2014

Product Profile: Printed Packaging

printed mailing bags


Promoting your brand through quality printed merchandise isn’t only for those with a physical presence at an event or on the high street. Online shopping and retail has seen a massive boost in recent years, and those who sell via the internet need to find alternative ways to raise brand awareness that don’t require a store itself.

The Printed Bag Shop has a solution; we don’t just do bags, we also design a high quality range of bespoke printed packaging, to ensure your online customers receive the same level of brand experience through their letterbox as they would in your retail establishment.

Here’s the three types of printed packaging we provide, and how you can use them to boost your business.

Printed Mailing Bags:

An essential promotional accessory for those who post items to their customers, our printed mailing bags are an extremely cost-effective and impactful way of increasing the visibility of your brand at every step of the postal process.

A mailing bag can become so much more than that with some innovative thinking and high quality printing, and we have created some fantastic, quirky designs in the past to help packages really make a visual impact, whatever their size and shape.

Lightweight, durable and versatile, our mailing bags are available with up to either 8 spot colours or 4 colour process prints, and a hot melt glue seal is included to ensure the safety of the package’s contents.

100% recyclable or degradable, our mailing bags are an eco-friendly choice as well as practical one!

Printed Tissue Paper

Tissue paper may seem like a small detail, but paying attention to it could make a fantastic impression on your customer. Choose any colour from the full Pantone range, any two spot colours and whether you would like your design printed randomly or in a fixed position, and you’re good to go!

Extremely environmentally friendly and a simple way to make your customers feel that little bit more special, printed tissue paper is ideal for taking your company’s packaging to the next level and promoting your brand at the same time.

Printed Tape

Why use plain old brown packaging tape, when you could use a printed one to make customers aware of your brand before they even open the box?

Using the latest flexographic printing techniques to stamp your logo onto quality 55 micron tape in up to 3 colours, we guarantee that your design will be as clear as day, allowing you to get your brand out there in a small but effective way.

You invest heavily in the quality of your products, so why not invest in the packaging you deliver them in? It’s a simple but effective way of enhancing your customer’s experience and making them get excited about your brand.

We love a good chat! To find out more about printed packaging and how we can help your business, get in touch. Email us at sales@theprintedbagshop, or call 0191 268 7555, and experience our outstanding customer service for yourself.

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