August 20, 2014

Top Trends for Exhibition Stand Designs!


An eye-catching design is not only a vital part of the printed bags you give away at your next exhibition, but of your exhibition stand itself. Designs and how we construct them are influenced by a number of things around us, and in a digital age where a whole landscape of design inspiration is available at our fingertips with the click of a button, it’s inevitable that new patterns and trends will develop. How you use them on your exhibition stand could not only make an impact in terms of aesthetics, but with regard to attracting new customers and sales too!

Here’s our quick-fire top trends for how to ensure your exhibition stand gets noticed!

  1. Colour – Believe it or not, colours go in and out of fashion just as much as shoes and handbags!
  1. Typography – The number of elaborate font styles is growing every day, and we are currently seeing a huge increase in adventurous typography. Finding a balance between grabbing someone’s attention and ensuring text is easy to read can be tricky, but there are more options now than ever, so try and think outside the box a little. One style of typographic headline that is really rising in popularity is that of 3D rendered lettering, which is great for adding dimension and perspective to a flat wall or board.
  1. Images – In an age where, thanks to Instagram, everyone is a photographer, your use of imagery to promote your brand is especially important. Making an image vibrant and creative to attract onlookers may seem obvious, but adding new levels of colour overlays, well-placed blurriness and even Instagram-like filters will create an environment for your exhibition stand that people will want to engage with.
  1. User Experience – The key to selling your brand to someone, whether at an exhibition or in everyday business, is to get them to feel something, to care about it in some way. Giving them something to experience that they associate with your brand is key to this, and adding innovative elements to your stand like touch screens, strategic lighting or something for them to interact with are subtle but effective ways to communicate your brand’s story in a room full of people.

These design ideas not only apply to exhibition stands, but to everything we see and consume around us – including printed bags! Taking these trends into consideration when designing your logo, website, exhibition stand and even your printed goodie bag and making each element consistent is an undoubtedly effective way of making your brand one that your customers will remember.

If you’re not sure how to go about designing your printed bags or packaging, get in touch! We have a team of expert designers to help bring your vision to life; simply contact us at or call 0191 268 7555 to find out more.

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