printed plastic bags
June 2, 2014

Product Profile: Printed Plastic Bags

printed plastic bags

Printed plastic bags are one of the core products here at The Printed Bag Shop, which is why we already supply millions of them to customers across the country each year. Though plastic bags may often receive negative criticism, we are dedicated to ensuring our products are as environmentally friendly as possible, often using recycled materials so as to make the bags completely biodegradable.

Here’s our top printed plastic bag products, and why they are a great choice for your business:

Printed Punched Handle Bags

Simple but effective, punched handle bags are one of the most popular carrier bag products in the world. Due to our printed punched handle carrier bags being designed and manufactured to be slightly thicker at the top than the bottom, the handles are extremely strong and the bags are very durable and reliable and able to carry a range of weights. They are also fully biodegradable too; being made entirely from biopolythene, they start to degrade after exposure to sunlight, minimising their effect on the environment.

Our printed punched handle bags are available in a vast range of bright, bold colours, making them one of our most eyecatching options. This type of bag is often seen in high street retail stores such as Debenhams or River Island, so are perfect for fashion companies, but are also extremely popular for exhibitors at conferences or events.

Printed Patch Handle Bags

Similar to the punched handle bags, our printed patch handle bags are also a great option for any kind of retailer thanks to the endless colourful possibilities for printing your design on to them. The reinforced handles on this bag means it is one of our most robust products, meaning a better experience for your customers. Available in white, clear, frosted or coloured polythene, our printed patch handle bags are extremely versatile for all businesses, no matter your branding requirements.

Printed Flexi Loop Carrier Bags

One of the most recognisable carrier bags, these flexi loop bags are often provided by supermarkets as ‘Bags for Life’ due to their increased strength and reinforced handles. These bags are great in that they offer a large space for your branding to be printed onto, and we can even include a small badge on the product that lets your customer know that their bag is produced from fully biodegradable materials, free of charge!

Printed Vest Carrier Bags

A basic but incredibly popular carrier bag choice, you have most likely used a printed vest carrier bag doing your weekly shop at the supermarket; their comfortable handles make it easy to carry multiple bags at a time and mean they are suitable for almost all types of products. We encourage customers and the public to reuse their plastic carrier bags whenever they can to reduce the amount of them that are wasted, but also ensure that the environmental footprint of our vest carrier bags is minimised by producing them in high or low density polythene, which is either fully recycled or biodegradable.

We have a plastic carrier bag to suit every business; why not get in touch to find out which one is best for you?

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