Chocolate Easter Eggs & Bunny
April 10, 2019

Eggscellent Easter Marketing Campaigns

Are you wanting to create an Eggscellent Easter marketing campaign, but are lacking inspiration? Well, look no further! We have compiled a list of our favourite Easter marketing campaigns which have gone viral with the nation over the past few years to give you some inspiration for your own campaigns this Easter. Let’s take a closer look, below.

#1 The Moonwalking Chick

We will kickstart our list with the adorable moonwalking chick that was introduced to us in 2014 by Asda. His dance moves were a real crowd pleaser- who doesn’t love a dancing chick? The hashtag #AsdaChick trended on social platforms, which really boosted sales over the Easter period for the household name supermarket.


During 2013 Google Maps and Tesco collaborated to create an interactive Easter Egg Hunt. In addition to the thousands of chocolate prizes that were won, there was a grand prize of a 50 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2s! This Easter marketing campaign was exceptionally appealing due to its interactive aspects. The technology of Google Street View was utilised to allow players to find their virtual Easter eggs on streets.

When players were successful and they found three eggs, they were allowed to claim their prize, a chocolate bunny, either online or in store. If the players were lucky enough to discover a golden egg during their search, they would win a tablet computer. Tesco ran this marketing campaign off the back of their successful Pull-a-Cracker.

#3 Eggsplorer

This fun word play on explorer to create ‘Eggsplorer’, was run by Cadbury, who worked with the National Trust and the National Trust for Scotland to make a trail of eggs. This fun activity took place up and down the country and was a great day out for families over the Easter period.

During the trail, young explorers had the opportunity to discover facts about each location, which was an excellent way to boost interest in the National Trust.

#4 Cocktails

For restaurants and bars it can be difficult to execute Easter marketing campaigns, but with the help of cocktails it be really successful, and really popular. For example, 6 years ago, London’s Jewel Bar announced their new cocktail; the Crème Egg Mojito. This indulgent drink contained 5.5 crème eggs, as well as chocolate liqueur and rum.

As you can imagine, this creation by mixologist Jack Williams went down a treat and was a real hit for London’s Jewel Bar. So, if you’re a bar looking for a way to implement an eggscellent Easter marketing campaign, consider making some exciting and delicious cocktails.

#5 Marks And Spencer

It wouldn’t be right to have a list of eggscellent Easter marketing campaigns without mentioning Marks and Spencer. Their indulgent advertising makes our mouths water every time, due to extremely visual way of showcasing their food. Their advert in 2016 highlighted their vast range of delicious easter eggs in only 40 seconds.

If you need innovative ideas for your Easter campaign, consider these top 5 eggscellent marketing campaigns as a starting point. For more information about how to implement a successful campaign this Easter, contact our team and we will be happy to help with any questions you may have.