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April 2, 2019

Why Goody Bags Are Great For Charity Events


Whether you have been to a charity event or you are currently in the process of organising one, you can’t deny the excitement that a goody bag creates – and a charity event really wouldn’t be complete without them! As they sit there packed full of goodies, you can’t wait to find out what they have inside them. But, goody bags bring more to a charity event than just a sense of good will. So, why are they great for charity events? Let’s take a closer look, below.

They Create Charity/Brand Awareness

If the design is right, these goody bags can be utilised as shopping bags or for other daily tasks after the event. This means that the logo of the charity will be carried around everywhere by their users – excellent for brand awareness! Additionally, the products found in the bag can also be re-used, which also help to showcase the charity.

So, what goes into a goody bag? The products and leaflets in a good bag should be strategically thought through. The audience needs to be taken into consideration, as this can determine what you put in the goody bags; either volunteers or attendees. Promotional items with the charity’s logo and tag line are usually found in a goody bag, including:

  • Pens
  • Water Bottles
  • Baseball Caps
  • Tins Of Sweets

Essentially, you can put anything in there that relates to your event. For example, if the charity event was a half marathon, you could include products that would help the runners to unwind after their run.

How Are Reusable Bags Beneficial?

As the United Kingdom joins other countries and organisations around the world to cut down on excessive packaging, such as plastic, what better time to start utilising re-usable bags in your marketing campaign. If the logo of your charity is printed onto a bag that is made out of eco-friendly materials, including jute, canvas and cotton, you are creating a positive message for your charity/brand.

Reusable bags are becoming increasingly popular, as society ditch their plastic bags and opt for reusable bags or even no bag at all! Therefore, by providing a bag that consumers can use, you are not only helping the environment, but you are offering the public what they want!

Types of bags observed from shoppers exiting stores

What’s more, the logo of the charity will continue to increase brand visibility without you doing anything!

They’re A Great Way To Say Thank You!

Typically, the backbone of a charity event, excluding the organiser, is the numerous volunteers that take time out of their busy schedules to help a well-deserved cause. They don’t get paid and are usually volunteering simply because they are passionate about the good work the charity does. Essentially, these charity events wouldn’t be able to take place without the support and time from their volunteers, so it’s important that they are made aware as to how much they are appreciated. By giving them a goody bag, you’re not only showing them that they are valued and respected, but it’s also a way of ensuring that they remain supporters of the charity.

They Help Raise Money

In addition to being a really beneficial way of showing your appreciation to your supporters and volunteers, goody bags can be used as a way of generating revenue. Some charities create their bags to be sold at the events, and include sponsored products, as well as their own promotional items in the bag. Some charity events sell tickets beforehand to their guests. If these prices are high enough then it covers the price of the products in the goody bag, so money is still being made for the charity.

If goody bags are created with an intriguing and user-friendly design, the bags can be sold individually. Everyone loves a re-usable bag with an exciting design, but it must be in line with the target audience of the charity, in order to see the most profit made.

If you would like more information about the best bags for charity events, get in touch with a member of our team, today. Alternatively, if you’re a charity looking for custom printed goody bags, we can help. We regularly work with numerous charities and will always offer you the very best price we can, as we know many organisations are working on a limited budget. Plus, we can remove the VAT cost from your invoice if you provide us with your registered VAT number.