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December 12, 2016

7 Things You Might Not Know About Buying Custom Printed Bags

We know, we know; ordering custom printed bags for your brand isn’t exactly rocket science!

But, we think there’s a few things that our customers sometimes aren’t aware of when they get in touch to request a quote for their printed bags, and that they often learn as they go through the ordering process – and we wanted to share these things with you! There’s also a couple of facts about our fab range of products which we reckon don’t get shouted about enough, that we also think you would like to know.

So go on, read on – you might just learn something!

1. Our laminated bags are folded entirely by hand. Our range of bespoke laminated paper bags are pretty special – so special in fact, that every single one of them that we produce for our customers is folded into shape entirely by hand. These aren’t just another set of bags churned out by a machine – they’re made with love and care and completely bespoke to your needs. Whatever size of bag you need, we can produce them, and guarantee you’ll be over the moon with the quality.

2. Getting your printed bags (sometimes) takes longer than you think! We unfortunately get so many enquiries from lovely customers who’ve got themselves in a bit of a tizz, left it a wee bit too late to order their printed bags, and end up asking us to produce them in just a couple of working days. Now, for a couple of our products, that is actually possible! Yes, believe it or not, our printed cotton bags and printed non woven bags can be delivered to you in just 48 hours with our fast track delivery options. But, the quickest time other than this (depending on the product you’re after) is 7-10 days with the fast track option.

Although we always do our very, very best to meet your deadline, it’s important to remember that bespoke printed bags can’t be turned around instantly – which is why we advise looking into the lead time for your printed bags perhaps a little earlier than you first think! That being said, always let us know when you need your bags and if we can make it happen, rest assured that we will!

3. They can also be more expensive than you expect… Similarly to those who expect an almost immediate turnaround, we often receive responses from customers saying that the bags they’re after are just too far out of their budget. We pride ourselves on giving value to our customers and offer the very best prices we can, but we think there’s a general misconception, especially for smaller businesses, about how much quality bespoke printed bags will cost.

Everyone wants their bags to look the best, which often means opting for our printed laminated bags – but these bags are luxury for a reason. Made completely bespoke (and by hand, as mentioned above), they can often be more costly in small quantities than other, less high end bags like plastic.

There are ways to tackle this though, and you are able to buy bespoke bags on a budget – just read this blog to find out how.

4….But, we will NOT be beaten on price with laminated bags! Despite the fact that our bestselling laminated bags are often a bit pricier than people expect, the important thing to remember is that here at The Printed Bag Shop, we will NOT be beaten on price with them! If you have an exact like for like quote from another supplier which gives the bags at a better price, as long as it’s the same spec you’ve requested from us, we’re sure to be able to match it! That way, you know you’re getting the best price as well as the best customer service on the market too.

5. There are environmental benefits to all kinds of bags. We get a lot of customers asking us for bags made from recycled paper, as they think they are the most eco-friendly ones possible – but the truth is that whatever printed bag you choose, you’re going to be making an unavoidable impact on the environment. However there are different kinds of green advantages to all our bags.

Although ‘bags for life’ like laminated woven bags are much more reusable and generate less waste, they are also much bigger and have a bigger footprint in terms of their transportation, simply because they take up so much room. Plastic carrier bags do cause more landfill, but cost much less carbon to transport. We don’t have any bags that are specifically from recycled paper, but some of our printed kraft bags do come from virgin kraft material – this means it’s the first time the paper has been used, and has less impact on the environment in terms of the manufacture process than it does to completely recycle a piece of paper.

One of our products we’re particularly proud of is our printed mailing bags – their entire supply chain is as green as possible, and they’re made from sugarcane rather than oil, which also makes them a little more eco-friendly.

6. We have special offers EVERY month. If you think of yourself as quite the bargain hunter, you’ll like this one. You may not have noticed, but every month we have a different special offer on one of our products, which means if you’re looking to replenish your stock of printed bags, keeping an eye out for whether they’re on special offer can really save you some pennies! From 10% off all orders, to discount on printing plates, to reduced prizes on certain sizes or styles, we’re always giving you ways to save money. Check out this month’s here.

7. It pays to place repeat orders with the same supplier. When you first place an order with us, we’ll need to add the cost of producing the printing plates that actually make your bags onto your order. But, when you come back to us to place a repeat order, providing it’s the same spec as your previous one, we’ll already have the printing plates and therefore won’t need to charge you for them. All you’ll pay is the price of your bags. So, choosing a supplier you can trust – ahem, like us! – and then coming back to them when you need to stock up is a great way to keep the costs of your bags down in the long term.

So there you have it – you learn something new every day, ey?! 

We hope that was helpful for you, and you feel more informed next time you go to order some custom printed bags from us.

If you’d like to request a price or find out more about our custom printed bags, get in touch! Call 0191 268 7555 or email to speak to our lovely team of printed bag experts.